Physical Honeypot

We need money to buy honey

We are building a sculpture for Art Hack Day called .

In computing, a honeypot is a system used by security researchers to identify attacks in the wild. A honeypot is deliberately left insecure, so it can be attacked. We like to believe, that our personal electronic devices are secure. But recent revelations have shown, that they might be just as open as a honeypot, left insecure on purpose. All your gadgets are belong to whom? You, the vendor, the criminal or the spy agency?

To reflect on this state, we will build a , with a personal electronic device and honey. Tens of kilograms of honey. The more, the better.

One glass of honey costs about 3€. If you donate, you will receive our and if you also opt-in to provide your name and email address, we will send you a picture of your name projected onto the finished artwork. The amount of money we raised by Wednesday 10 AM CET determines, if we can sink an iPhone (!) or Macbook Air (!!!). Ironically, honey cost is the limiting factor.

The piece will be shown as part of transmediale Berlin from Wednesday, January 29th until Sunday, February 2nd, as well as forever on the internet.

Thanks for your support,

Johan & Robert

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You donate the money so we can buy the honey

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Physical Honeypot